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Photoshop America

Think about the last time you skimmed through a magazine or drove past a billboard down the street.
Think about the image that you saw: how perfect their teeth were, how tan their skin was, and how slender they always seem to be.
How do these images impact the way that you perceive your own body?

Yes perhaps they are just images but these images can impact us more than we know.

I feel that sometimes individuals don’t want to talk about the way in which these images impact us because it then seems as though we are falling prey to the media/ capitalistic society in which we live but let me be the first to say I have.

There in fact was a point in my life that I began to feel that I didn’t feel the mold of what the media said was ‘beautiful’.

I felt that because…

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So I decided to ask people about the insecurities they have…

IMG_4963The most comment part of the body people feel uncomfortable about tit the tummy area. This does actually surprise me a little because the tummy is often always covered up, weather in the summer you wear vests or t-shirts, or in the winter you wear jumpers and long sleeved tops. Although of course over the past few summers, the ‘crop top’ has stormed it’s way back into ‘fashion’, so this may have something to do with it.. especially as a few people mentioned they are influenced by celebs, magazine and what is ‘in fashion’ anyway.
I did also notice that younger people below the age of about 22, were really influenced by their friends and celebrities, whereas slightly older women, including people that are now parents are influenced by their family members. I know I am taking a huge guess here.. but my guess is that, the link with popularity of social media such as Intstagram or Pintrest in younger people, and not as much with older people or people with children could be a huge influencing factor to this.
I did also get one response from a girl who is in the year below me (she is now just turning 18) that she did not wish to respond to my questions as she felt they were too personal.. this did interest me and I would have loved to know why she thought this, however she did not wish to continue the conversation so I thought I should respect her wishes.

Inspirational images… (Part 3- Self image)


While scrolling the internet, I found these images. The photographers behind some of these pictures weren’t necessarily trying to convey messages relating to ”self Image”, but to me, and the way I perceive them, they could relate to such matters.
In my opinion, all the images I printed here on these two pages of my sketchbook  are to do with internal issues -emotions the models are feeling inside of them. Which, in most cases, can effect what goes on outside your body… Physical actions towards others as a result of inner feelings, body language and how you hold yourself may convoy inner confidence or insecurities.
Here are a few reasons I think this and some of my opinions behind a selection of these inspirational photographs…

2-questions-1-answer-martin-lefevre-2Here, the perspective of what seems to be a hallway is going deeper and deeper as you look at it, which suggests we as the viewer are looking inside this male’s head.
There is a saying about a “light at the end of the tunnel”, and the end of this hallway/tunnel does not seem to be very light at all. Alongside this aspect, my first statement on this image and the rather straight face the model has, I would say this image may have a thing or two to do with a bad emotional state, perhaps there is no happiness in sight, or no perhaps it may be hard to turn back to happiness.


This photograph is created by Christian Hopkins, a young photographer I have researched in my research file. Unlike the previous image, this conveys something inside reaching out.
Hopkins created this photograph by capturing himself sitting on a stool infant of a backdrop, in a kind of pose where his back appears exposed. He then photographed his hands under a bed sheet and collated them on Photoshop.
Hopkins suffers from Depression, and he claims to use photography as a source of therapy.
The way in which the hands are trying to force their way out of his body, makes me think he has ”inner demons” trying to escape. The way his ‘real’ hands are also placed, sort of looks like he is trying to push them back in, but he can’t quite reach all of them. Food for thought behind the feelings linked with depression.

A-person-hidden-behind-white-sheets-his-face-in-his-hands-tumblr_mtjrnnkbAM1qbulg3o1_500-copieI also think this image shows something ‘inside’. Simply because the model is being hidden behind a sheet. The model also has his/her hands in front of their face.. this could show insecurity, or some kind of deeper emotion. The picture lacks saturation, and most would say colour is happy.. so I wouldn’t associate this image with happy thoughts at all. This image may not have anything to do with self image as such.. but I feel there is a definate message involving some kind of negative emotion within a persons mind.

Clay People…


I made some clay people as a kind of ‘tester’.. I am going to use a hair dryer to blow white fabric round them, and see if it would work.. then hopefully try it out on Real people with white bed sheets… Similar to what was shown in my last post.
As seen in my sketchbook, this little idea has also led me to more ideas…

This Self-Esteem Thing

Dances With Fat

Wrong RoadIn my recent blog post discussing what to say to girlsabout body image and self-esteem,  mentioned intrinsic self-esteem.  I’ve since received several questions about it so I thought I would go into more detail about it today. If self-esteem is a word that’s triggering to you, then you have both my apologies and my suggestion to try substituting self-worth or something else that works for you, the main idea here is to think about how we think of ourselves.

The theory that I’ve learned that makes the most sense to me is that there are two types of self-esteem – intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic is what we get from external feedback:

  • Roles:  We play lots of roles in life – mother, father, sister, brother, partner, volunteer, employee, boss, parent, child etc.  and how we perform in these roles can inform how we feel about ourselves
  • Social Approval:  This is…

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First set of ”Outcomes” and the reasons behind the ‘birth’ of my project..

This set of images are used from the shoot at the end of Part 2…
In the two outcomes above, the hands represent ‘influences’. I feel that the model was insecure about her body type through various things she was saying and her body language at some points through the shoot… So I began to express this through editing the pictures…
These images are slo about something ‘pure’ becoming ‘impure’ or ‘infected’. The model has a very simple look about her, she is wearing neutral colours and not many accessories and doesn’t have many tattoos or skin blemishes.. but the hands, which appear somewhat grotesque in colour, look to be attempting to get hold of her.
The reason I tried to convey this is because I have know this model all my life, and when we were younger, we both were so innocent and unaffected by the world.. but through doing this shoot i noticed changes in that.. she is now so convinced her body isn’t ‘normal’ because celebs and her friends are skinner or taller or have shinier hair. And as a result she has low confidence on her self image. And just like that.. I had a project.
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